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SPEEDLINK ATECS Soft Gaming Mousepad - Size XXL, black

Item #: SL-620101-XXL
A mousepad that truly deserves to be named XXL — thanks to its impressive size of 100 × 50 centimeters the ATECS XXL prepares you for great gaming experiences. Being rolled up quickly the ATECS is easy to transport and additionally serves as a pad for your keyboard and gaming gear. Its ultra-smooth surface is perfect for a fast gaming style, with ultra-fast mouse movements translated accurately with absolutely no frictional loss either. Your mouse will glide smoothly across the mousepad’s surface which also offers an incredible response speed. Giant sized for great gaming experiences.
  • Gaming mousepad for the highest demands
  • Rolls up for ease of transport
  • Outstanding gliding performance
  • Ultra precise
  • Size XXL — for total control and an unbounded gliding area
  • Suitable as a pad for mouse and keyboard
  • For ultra high-sense or low-sense gaming
  • High tracking precision
  • Optimised for fast mouse movements
  • Ultra-smooth textile surface for minimal friction
  • Non-slip backing
  • Compatible with all optical and laser sensors
  • Nice and slimline at just 3mm thick
  • Dimensions: 100 × 50 × 0,3 cm (W × D × H)

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