SPEEDLINK Home Security Set Premium

Item #: SL-900100-WE
Secure every area of your home with the Home Security Kit. The IP camera detects motion in stunning HD quality even in total darkness. The motion detector monitors an additional room up to 12 metres away. The sensors trigger an alarm as soon as a door or window is opened. The wireless outlet lets you switch devices, such as lamps, on or off – even when you’re not at home. And thanks to two-way audio transmission, you can even grab someone’s attention when needed. You can control the kit remotely via the app, and push notifications keep you constantly updated.
  • 11-piece video surveillance system for the home
  • All-you-need home surveillance solution
  • Automatic video recording
  • Smartphone monitoring and control
  • System control, video monitoring and communication via smartphone or tablet app
  • IP surveillance camera with HD resolution (720p) and Wi-Fi connection
  • App-controlled camera pan and tilt (360° horizontal, 100° vertical)
  • Infrared night-view mode (8m view in complete darkness)
  • Integrated motion detector
  • Alarm, push notification, email messaging and automatic video recording if motion is detected
  • Two-way audio transmission for communication with your home
  • Easy installation – no complex router setup
  • 3 wireless motion detectors with a detection range of up to 12m
  • 4 wireless door/window sensors
  • 3 app-controlled wireless outlets for turning lights and devices on/off
  • Expandable with additional sensors

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